AQUAFIT is great for adults of any age or body type!

Traditionally, aqua-fitness has been reserved for older people or those in physical therapy but, the low impact and variable resistance offered in the pool can improve the health and well being of any body regardless of age, weight, or ability.

Class movements and intensity are completely customizable for each individual’s fitness level!

The water provides adjustable resistance. Your instructor will offer modifications and variations for every movement to increase or decrease the resistance or intensity. This allows you to achieve the workout that is just right for you! Beginners and experienced participants can take classes side by side and achieve their own goals!

Class movements and intensity are completely customizable for each individual’s fitness level!

Traditional land based exercise classes can be intimidating to those new to fitness. People can see if you make mistakes in the routine or you may feel unsteady as you move your body in new ways. The water provides a natural coverup to allow you to practice the movements without feeling that others in the class are judging you. Also, the buoyancy of the water protects you from falls and stumbles allowing you to safely increase your balance and coordination.

The options are endless so you’ll never get bored!

AQUAFIT offers a variety of classes from Aqua Cycling, Apah Yoga, our own Aqua Fit program that incorporates strength and conditioning training using a broad range of methods like barre, pilates, and HIIT, to our new Mermaid Bootcamp! Our instructors pride themselves on changing up the routine for each class to ensure a whole body workout that never feels repetitious or dull.

Not a swimmer? No problem!

Most of our fitness classes take place in the shallow end (3.5 ft) of our heated pool. Swimmers of all abilities can reap the benefits of a water workout. Are you a strong swimmer? Some of our movements can be done in the deep end to increase the intensity. Again, our classes are customizable for every individual to maximize their workout!

Cross training without the negative effects of land based exercise programs!

Because of the natural buoyancy of water, you can strengthen your muscles and increase your cardiovascular fitness without the additional wear and tear that comes with higher impact activities. AQUAFIT allows you to focus on specific muscle groups without stressing other vulnerable joints. This makes AQUAFIT a great activity for those recovering from injuries or interested in training for higher impact activities without adding to the risk of concussion type pain or injuries.

AQUAFIT is a TRUE full body workout!

When moving in the water, the body experiences resistance in all directions. For example, when kicking a leg, you’re working your muscles on the way up as well as the way down as you move through the water. This balances the muscle groups and provides for a more complete workout of each part of your body.

Water is a natural therapeutic!

Being in the water helps regulate your body temperature so you can have an intense cardio workout without becoming overheated. Participants experience greater endurance than during land based workouts and also experience less muscle soreness while achieving excellent fitness results. Water is fantastic for the internal organs, blood flow, and lymphatic system. You’ll leave class feeling refreshed and strong rather than drained and exhausted!